Skill Development Training

International Human Rights Protection Association (IHRPC) with the assistance of it’s member body, provides education in skill development in various Job-oriented programmes. The areas concerning skill development are follows.

  • To Provide skills in creation of Handcrafter like items made of cloth, paper, clay, steel, brass, wood, bamboo etc.
  • To provide skills in Paintings, Drawings, Clay modeling, Sculpture etc.
  • To provide the training in computer skills including Desk-top Publishing, Web-Designing, Programming etc.
  • To provide training in Music based skills like vocal and Instrumental music,

To provide training in LIFE-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES including FIRST-AID SKILLS, SNAKE-BITING, DOG-BITING & OTHER DEADLY DISEASES common in Villages and urban areas.

IHRPC invites all those people who are already engaged in there activities to come and join us in helping those who need help the most.