Against Corruption

Corruption seems to be a way of life for the government officials from a junior assistant to the cabinet secretary level. The recent satyam computers fiasco is an example for the spread of corruption to the private organisations too. At the government levels too the corruption is rampant in 1. The implementation of welfare programmes for the poor, 2. Construction of various infrastructure projects such as irrigation dams, banks, electricity or power projects, roads, communications, educational institutions like schools and universities. hospitals, and housing projects, etc.

When ever a welfare or developmental scheme is announced by the government, some greedy politicians and bureaucrats look for loopholes in the scheme and find out the ways to divert the sanctioned amount. Such an attitude among the leaders seem to be responsible for many social evils like child labour, bonded labour, poverty, unemployment, etc. In India politics is a lucrative profession to earn money easily without doing any hard work. The political corruption is also prevalent in promotions of officials, new appointments, sanctioning tenders for constructing the developmental projects, expanding a business activity or the commencement of a new business activity, etc. Thus there has been corruption in all the three types of economic activity like the primary, secondary and tertiary economic activities.

Heavy population and meagre resources to meet demands is one of the main reasons for prevalence of corruption in India. According to some reports even the investigating agencies do involve in corrupt activities.

The solution should begin at the school level by teaching to the children that money is not everything but necessary to satisfy our wants. Thus children should be made aware of importance of moral values and discipline in life. In a democratic country like India, people should play an important role for creating a better society rather than blaming the government for social evils, for instance the people should elect only a clean and disciplined leader as their representative in the legislature bodies