Literacy Mission

International Human Rights Protection Association (IHRPC) has been working in the field of imparting education to underprivileged and to those who are not able to pursue even basic education because of non-availability of facilities like Schools, Books, and Teachers.

IHRPC is providing all assistance for providing education to children, adults and women from all sections of society. We have trained teachers who teach people in small groups by visiting them from one area to another. Mostly classes are undertaken on weekends, but there are also facilities for providing regular classes.

The literacy mission not only impacts bookish knowledge, but also trains people in learning of many other job-oriented skills. All the members of IHRPC are trained to spread the word about importance of education for all age groups in our society.

IHRPC ensures that education reaches to the most deprived and weak sections of the society, to enable them to realize that only education can provide better living conditions, creating awareness about health and HUMAN RIGHTS and teaching them how to live with dignity, peace and happiness.

IHRPC invites all educationists, Samaritans and well-wishers to join hands with us in our mission for LITERACY FOR ALL.