Health Care

International Human Rights Protection Association (IHRPC) is very much active in providing health related support and guidance to weak, poor and needy who cannot arrange for the treatment of diseases like Cataract, Diabetes, Blood-Pressure problems, TB, Heart problems, Cancer, AIDS etc., to name a few.

IHRPC has a team of volunteer Doctors, Nurses and para-medics who provide complete care and relief to those affected by diseases and who are in urgent need of attention. IHRPC organizes various camps and seminars for treatment of diseases and to spread awareness among masses in order to escape life-threatening diseases. IHRPC provides free medicines and equipments to all those suffering from various diseases. IHRPC also provides guidelines for following nutritious diet in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

IHRPC organizes training Camps for teaching people about the importance of sanitation and how to manage garbage and waste in order to save everyone from Pollution in all formats. IHRPC also provides guidelines and treatment for drug & tobacco related ailments and organizes various camps across the country. IHRPC also teaches people to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing free Yoga training, regularly organized by Swami Shivapoojananda saraswati Ji Maharaj, a leading Yoga and health experts who also organizes Yoga therapy Camps for our Defense Force all over India.

We welcome any aid in the form of medicines, equipments and/or money for our efforts to create a disease free society. Those who wish to assist us in our crusade against diseases and against those who are exploiting the clean air and water by breaking all norms and laws are welcome to contact us and help us in creating a fully aware society for better health of our citizens.