The Council has constantly been striving to make living in the Society of India and globe a pleasant experience.

The ‘Council’ has attempted to pen down certain ‘Guidelines’ for the welfare of all people of the world that will make you feel the difference. These ‘Guidelines’ are drafted on the basis of Indian Constitution and until revised, we request you kindly to abide by them.

Our social, economical and political freedom is meaningless without the protection of human rights. It is responsibility of each of us to fight for human rights. It is mockery of religion and caste on basis of which a man is exploiting another! Atrocities, brutality and cruelty are the order of the day.

Even today the concept of bonded labour still exists and rights of literate work force are being circumvented. Today a policy of apartheid is being adopted and the concept of untouchability is still very prominent. Even today Human Rights are being exploited and misused on the basis of the caste, creed, sex, region & religion. The people are still being exploited and there is great injustice all over due to which our Indian culture is eroding fast. Even today, racial discrimination is the basic of exploitation of the mankind, creating inequalities based on inheritance.

IHRPC is bringing awareness that irrespective of the color of the skin being black or white, a person being a Hindu or a Muslim, a Jew or Christian, Sikh- anyone having a different dialect-All human needs be treated EQUALLY and to have his/her RIGHT protected. The United Nations should take the responsibility of declaring it as one of the moral codes which should be followed universally.

IHRPC works for creating an environment for promotion of Art and culture, Peace, Harmony and brotherhood.

IHRPC works for bringing together people from different walks of life including students, young men and women, Businessmen, Industrialists, Laureates, Writers & Poets, Thinkers and people from almost all other areas to contribute for the protection and awareness of HUMAN RIGHTS.

IHRPC is engaged in bringing in the awareness and educating people for establishing and promoting schools and Gurukuls with secular credentials, setting up of Literacy camps, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Healthcare centres, Manav Sewa Ashrams for handicapped and Old Age care homes in every nook and corner of the Country.

IHRPC wishes to create an atmosphere of peace among all citizens of India, help promote awareness to fight against Communalism, Terrorism and all other forms of Crimes.

IHRPC organizes various Camps including Blood-Donation Camps, Eye-care camps, Heart-care Camps, AIDS Awareness camps, Cancer Awareness camps, and De-addiction camps with the help of volunteer Doctors and prominent Surgeons and various other Councils and Organizations.

IHRPC organizes Seminars, Conferences and Cultural Programmes for spreading awareness for the above mentioned issues and honours prominent social as well as Political individuals and bodies involved in the implementation of all Social Causes for the benefits of poor, underprivileged, needy and weak persons in need of help and care.

Since it is not possible for the Government to do it all alone, therefore, we appeal to all noble souls and fearless minds to come forward and help in forming of a non-stop human chain of social, economical and noble works for helping all poor and needy in our society. Let us work together in creation of an era of peace, harmony and brotherhood. Let us work and fight together for Humanity and Protection of HUMAN RIGHTS of all individuals for their survival with honour and respect.

Residing in a Community environment indeed has a number of advantages but it also entails certain responsibilities to be discharged by the stakeholders lest we loose the accrued benefits.